About Positive Discipline Solutions

Positive Discipline Solutions is an organization that is dedicated to providing evidence-based information and non-punitive tools that will support adults in developing healthy and positive relationships with the children in their life.

In order to meet that goal Positive Discipline Solutions offers:

  • Live and online workshops and trainings related to positive discipline and social emotional learning
  • Books and other publications also related to positive discipline and social emotional learning
  • Positive Discipline Certification Trainings on behalf of the Positive Discipline Association for those wishing to become Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators or Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educators.

About Ruth Buffam

Founder and Executive Director of Positive Discipline Solutions.

One of Ruth’s main goals in life is to make the world a better place for children and those who love and care from them. Positive Discipline Solutions is an outcome of that desire.

Ruth’s present roles within Positive Discipline Solutions include being a Certified Positive Discipline Educator & Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Program Developer and Child Behaviour Specialist. She also strives to be a Children’s Advocate.

She has a background in educational psychology, is a veteran classroom teacher and is also an experienced special education teacher and program consultant.

Ruth combines her background and experience in education with her training in positive discipline and parent effectiveness to bring non-punitive methods and tools that will enable adults to create environments in which “children thrive, learn and cooperate”.

Over the last number of years, Ruth has become a sought after conference speaker and workshop facilitator.

Contact her to speak at your event or to facilitate a workshop for your organization.

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